Video: Obama's response to oil spill now a punchline for the left too

Skip ahead to 4:40 for the bit about The One, whose “first-class temperament” is on full display. Needless to say, this could have been harsher — there’s no mention of Obama’s MMS approving drilling projects without environmental permits or the fact that, like Clinton and Bush, he wasn’t prepared to implement an “in-situ burn” in the event of a spill — but those stories are weeks old so maybe Stewart touched on them earlier. As it is, sit back and enjoy the juxtaposition of a man who will not rest until the leak is plugged with a man who seems to have an awful lot of free time for meeting with sports teams. Wasn’t optics supposed to be this guy’s strong suit during the campaign?

Oh — latest worst-case-scenario estimate on when the leak might be stopped is … Christmas, which would mean a gusher that “would wipe out marine life deep at sea near the leak and elsewhere in the Gulf, and along hundreds of miles of coastline” and possibly even change the chemistry of the water in the area. Ain’t no way Obama and the Democrats are going to let this drag on until Election Day, so the only question is what sort of desperate measure they’ll resort to in case BP decides that Christmas is indeed the likely endpoint. Exit question: Dude, is it time?

The Spilling Fields
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