New James O'Keefe video: Exposing pay fraud among census workers

Fun stuff, especially the high-roller montage near the end, but not quite the bombshell that the ACORN sting was — yet. Hints O’Keefe in his Big Government post, “As to whether this is an ‘isolated incident’ or if there are more Census videos showing more waste, fraud, and corruption, we’ll let you take a wild guess.” I’m intrigued to see the viewer response to this one, not because it’s shocking but because it really isn’t: It could be that we’re so cynically inured to the inevitability of waste in government that census workers getting paid for work they didn’t do will be a big ol’ yawn.

There’s also a question, presumably to be resolved in the next vids in the series, of whether census supervisors were cutting them some slack on their time cards simply because they were trainees, with more rigorous auditing to come once they became full-fledged employees. From ABC’s write-up:

[T]he video also shows a supervisor advising trainees to keep careful and accurate records of their mileage.

“This is not a big issue here but when you start doing this enumeration thing you want to make sure you are watching your miles, ok,” one supervisor said on the tape. “Set the odometer, and everyday record it, no estimating, no guessing. That’s part of their ability to audit you – would be to look at your miles – look at the places you went to, and if it didn’t add up…”

The supervisor said, on the tape, going forward they would only get 30 minutes for lunch. They were given the 70 minutes because they were new and may be unfamiliar with their way around the area where the training session was held, he explained.

In a statement released to ABC News, Stephen Buckner, a spokesman for the Census Bureau, said, “After the Census Bureau’s stringent background check procedures, Mr. O’Keefe quit before further action could be taken.”

Two clips for you, the first of O’Keefe’s investigation and the second of his and Breitbart’s interview with George Stephanopoulos this morning to roll it out. Don’t skip that latter one, as it gets as contentious as you would expect.

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Jazz Shaw 1:01 PM on April 01, 2023