Nikki Haley's accuser: I'll release texts and e-mails that prove the affair soon

Didn’t he say originally that he’d have nothing more to say after his “confession”?

Round two:

Republican blogger Will Folks, in an e-mail to The Daily Caller, said records of e-mails, text messages and phone records will prove he had an extramarital affair with South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley.

“In the end, I think the record of communication here will end up speaking for itself,” Folks told The Daily Caller.

He told the local Fox affiliate that he’d just met with his lawyer and would release the material “soon.” More from one of his co-bloggers, who wonders why Haley hasn’t sued yet:

One reason for Team Haley’s reticence to call for the post’s removal or pursue a legal remedy against our founding editor could be that Nikki Haley and Will Folks both use Verizon Wireless for their personal cell phone service, and that any legal motion that’s filed would undoubtedly result in the publication of a flood of phone records, text messages, emails, voicemails and other data exchanges between the two protagonists in this unfolding drama…

All we can tell you for now is that the record of correspondence between the two of them began on November 20, 2005 – with an email sent at 8:33 a.m. from Haley’s State House email address … to Will Folks’ personal address … in which Haley complimented Folks on an article he had written praising her gubernatorial ambitions.

Maybe she hasn’t sued because … it’ll drag the story out even further, a lesson learned by celebrities vis-a-vis tabloids a thousand years ago? One mark in Folks’s favor, though: A South Carolina paper evidently was working on this story, and got at least one prominent pol to admit he’d heard the rumors before Folks ever came clean.

Former Sanford spokesman and FITSNews blogger Will Folks privately admitted a year ago to having a brief extramarital affair with GOP gubernatorial contender S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley, according to a Palmetto State Republican political operative…

Free Times has been investigating a story involving an alleged affair between Haley and Folks for several weeks and spoke with Folks about it May 14…

“There have been rumors about that,” said state Rep. Annette Young, a Dorchester County Republican, May 13. “I heard [it was Haley and] Will Folks.”…

Other House members have confirmed they’d heard about an alleged affair between Haley and Folks, but did not want their names to appear in this story.

“It’s not a secret,” said Columbia Democratic Rep. Todd Rutherford on May 13 while in the lobby of the legislative chambers. He added that other House members told him they’d heard such things, too.

Young claims she first heard the rumor about a year ago. Hmmmm. Here’s what I don’t get: If it’s all true and there’s documentation of it, why would Haley have denied it in the first place? It’s a classic case of the cover-up being worse than crime. All she would have had to do is say, “Yes, I made a mistake, but my husband and I are working through it.” Remember, she’s got Jenny Sanford in her corner for political cover and it’s a safe bet that the press wouldn’t have gone after a young mother for cheating the way they would a male candidate. If it turns out she lied, though — blatantly, with a paper trail to prove it — she’s in trouble. So why would she?

The right is still firmly in her corner at the moment, in any case. According to her spokesman, yesterday was her single biggest day of online fundraising ever (Red State is touting a money bomb for her as I write this in the name of “fighting the smears”) and she was way up in the last primary poll before this broke yesterday. Per PPP, it was Haley 39, McMaster 18, Barrett 16, Bauer 13 as of this weekend. What’ll it be tomorrow?