Patrick Kennedy: Arizona's law is like the Trail of Tears or something

Via CNS. Normally I’d be annoyed, but considering the source, how seriously can you take this? He too, of course, insists that racial profiling is imminent even though (a) the law expressly prohibits it and (b) similar laws haven’t led to profiling, but oh well. Too bad CNS’s reporter didn’t press him to explain whether he’s worried about American citizens of Latino descent being profiled or whether he’s fretting about illegals being profiled too. If it’s just the former, fair enough. Anyone seriously think it’s just the former, though?

I’m giving you two clips, actually; the second, via Freedom’s Lighthouse, also has to do with a Massachusetts pol and illegal immigration (I know, I know, Patches represents Rhode Island, but we’re talking pedigree here) but the trail of tears in this case is a bit different. Make sure you watch long enough to see what the suspect told cops when he was arrested.