Good news: Top Democrats wearing bracelets protesting Arizona law now

Someone on Twitter told me you can see Pelosi wearing one here. Problem one: There’s not nearly enough detail to tell for sure. Problem two: Er, since when do Arizona protest bracelets exist? I hadn’t heard a word about them, and surely top Democrats wouldn’t be so stupid as to adorn themselves with actual badges of how out of touch they are with popular opinion about immigration.

But guess what.

As part of his general boycott of Arizona — which includes his refusal to fly through Phoenix on his weekly trips to and from Washington — Baca, D-Rialto, is distributing wristbands inspired by the Lance Armstrong LiveSTRONG craze.

Baca put in an order for 2,500 of his version, which will be red, yellow and blue — the colors of Arizona’s flag — to be worn as a show of solidarity against the controversial law…

In Washington, Baca has gotten House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and most members of the Democratic leadership to wear them, as they did — along with golfing legend Chi Chi Rodriguez — at a recent fundraiser for Baca. Baca said his office is fielding calls from people inquiring how they can get one of the wristbands.

“Everyone wants them,” Baca said. “They’re going like hot potatoes.”

Follow the link for a pic of Steny Hoyer showing his off while grinning like an imbecile; here’s what the bracelets look like up close. I think the fact that the Baca thought of cancer awareness while contemplating the law is super-keen, and am curious to know whether Madam Speaker did indeed compound yesterday’s insult of applauding Calderon’s criticism by donning her official “I refuse to do my job to secure the border” bracelet. Think any reporters will ask?

Via Ace, here’s the newest spot from Jan Brewer’s “Secure the Border” site. I wonder whether this or Joe Baca’s amnesty jewelry will resonate more with voters.