Video: The nicest attack ad ever

A syrupy palate cleanser to freshen you up after two days of Rand Paul-related bile. I’m wondering if there’s a strategy behind this, if Toomey and Sestak are actually chummy in real life, or if it’s the simple byproduct of two guys who rightfully hate Specter feeling a little kinship in having beaten him. My hunch is that the last explanation is the correct one, although given the probability of a “Pat Toomey is a racist rage-filled tea-party wingnut” narrative from the left, a spoonful of sugar like this early on is a smart way to make them think twice.

The last poll, taken 10 days ago, had Toomey up five but after all the buzz for Sestak on primary night I’ll bet PT is even at best by now. Dude, I’m nervous.

Update: Here we go: Sestak 46, Toomey 42.

TV Clear Choice from Pat Toomey on Vimeo.