Too bad to check: Charlie Crist to be bankrolled by ... Mike Bloomberg?

Alternate headline: “Blogger placed on suicide watch.”

I’m sitting here trying to think of way that a Crist/Bloomberg RINO Superfriends alliance could be any more viscerally loathsome. America’s most notorious nanny-state mayor hooking up with America’s most shamelessly opportunistic careerist politician? All we need is for Specter to be brought on as some sort of informal advisor and the Book of Revelations can begin to unfold.

All sources have spoken to Saint Petersblog on the basis of anonymity because the negotiations are still on-going, but preliminary plans call for Bloomberg to offer not only his endorsement and financial support, but the direct assistance of his political team, which would be welcomed by a Crist campaign that, despite enthusiastic support from some of the Governor’s long-time supporters, is still working to build a credible statewide political operation.

In turn, Bloomberg hopes, with a Crist win, to have in place an ideological ally who could help in the event the Mayor runs for President in 2016.

Makes sense from Crist’s side. His organization was reportedly paltry even before he bolted the GOP; at the moment, his sister’s running his campaign. He’ll run out of money sooner rather than later too, as there can’t be a huge contingent ready to write checks for some grand “Help Charlie Crist Fulfill His Professional Dreams!” project. What would Bloomberg get out of it, though? He’ll be 74 in 2016, which will make him older than McCain was in 2008, so he’s probably not running. And if he did run, why would he need an ally in the Senate, let alone a loser like Crist? A third-party candidate will run against Washington, on an independent outsider platform; the last thing Bloomberg would need on his record under those circumstances is some sort of shady back-scratching arrangement with a guy who, more than any other prominent pol in America right now, epitomizes the image of a low-rent, unprincipled, fanatically ambitious professional politician. The only way it would make sense is if Bloomberg’s trying to position himself as a kingmaker and planning to back all sorts of centrist independent candidates in Congress. A one-off deal with Crist doesn’t do that.

No surprise, then, that Politico’s reporting that this is all nonsense. Quote from Bloomy’s spokesman, “Mayor Bloomberg is very disappointed that Gov. Crist vetoed an excellent education reform bill and has no intention of endorsing him.” Sorry, Charlie.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on March 20, 2023