Colorado: Palin 29, Romney 25, Huckabee 18

Yeah, it’s just one state, but she deserves a little free buzz after doing a nice job on the State Department’s China/Arizona fiasco. Besides, to my knowledge, this is the very first PPP poll of any kind where she’s had a lead. Sarahmentum?

Conservatives 4 Palin makes a nice catch: When PPP polled Colorado back in early March, Romney was winning going away. What happened? Two things, I think. One, obviously, is that a lot of conservatives did some re-assessing of RomneyCare after ObamaCare passed later that month. And two — well, just compare these crosstabs from March to the new ones up above:

Sarahcuda’s ticked up a few points but it’s Gingrich’s inclusion in the new poll that appears to be killing Romney. (Paulnuts, I suspect, comprised many of the undecideds in the earlier poll.) Which is mighty bad news for Mitt, because as of this afternoon it sure sounds like Newt is running. Exit quotation: “[H]e thinks Obama has ‘about one chance in five of getting reelected.'”

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