Audio: Palin rips Chicago school for boycotting girls basketball tournament in Arizona; Video: Students speak out

Excellent. The school’s boycott was already on Fox’s radar but Sarahcuda picking it up pushes it into national media, which is where it deserves to be. Not only is the hypocrisy astounding — the bien-pensants in charge evidently had no moral objection to letting students visit China — but the idea of punishing kids over politics is a guaranteed backlash-starter. It has, my friends, come to this:

Safety concerns partly fueled the decision, but the trip also “would not be aligned with our beliefs and values,” said District 113 Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson. That explanation, though, smacks of political protest to parents upset by the decision…

“Why are we mixing politics and a basketball tournament?” said Michael Evans, whose daughter Lauren is a junior on the team. “It’s outrageous that they’re doing this under the guise of safety.”…

“Many of the parents feel that this should be resolved in the judicial court, not the basketball court,” said Cynde Munzer, whose daughter, Lena, is a freshman on the team.

“I disagree personally with the Arizona legislation, but I also feel strongly about young women’s rights,” Munzer said. “They don’t want to get involved in politics.”

Let’s hope Rasmussen or someone polls this soon; I’d be surprised if opposition to the school’s move is under 80 percent. Exit question: Has sports boycott fee-vah now officially started to fizzle? Exit answer: Sure looks like it!

Update: From this afternoon’s Megyn Kelly show, Palin hits them again.

Update: Open the floodgates: Via Hengler, the students are speaking up now too.