Pathetic: New Specter ad with Obama a rerun of Specter ad with Bush

Via TPM, simply brutal. It’s not a word for word remake, but then the dialogue isn’t the point. The point is Specter’s utterly shameless careerist opportunism, as well as his repeated reliance on presidential endorsements to carry him over the finish line despite his long-time incumbency. More than any other candidate this year, including Crist and Bob Bennett, he epitomizes the sins of Washington for which so many tea partiers have contempt — entrenched, devoid of principle, long past the age at which he would have retired if he held any other job. And now, irony of ironies, it looks like the left rather than the right is going to send him packing: According to Greg Sargent, a third poll will drop tomorrow morning showing Specter down five points or so to Sestak. Think the media will treat his defeat as evidence of the left’s puritanical intolerance for centrists, or will the narrative perhaps be more … neutral since conservatives aren’t involved?

Say, isn’t that Rick Santorum onstage with Specter during the Bush clip? For a “true conservative,” he sure is friendly towards centrists.