Video: American troops celebrate victory in Red Square

Via Cuffy Meigs, a palate cleanser that’s one part awesome and one part freaky deaky. Anyone who came of age during the Cold War will, I trust, find this clip as jarring as I do. But good news: The Russians find it jarring too.

Author Alexander Prokhanov, editor in chief of the nationalist Zavtra daily, called the appearance of U.S. servicemen in Red Square a national humiliation.

“The fact that American troops are trampling underfoot the cobblestones of Red Square is a huge shame and humiliation for Russia,” Prokhanov said. “Thus they are celebrating their final victory not in World War II but in the Cold War.”

Imagine Obama’s horror upon finding out that this latest attempt at “outreach” or “hitting the reset button” or wherever we are now in our on-again/off-again detente with Russia isn’t being perceived with goodwill. Speaking of which, any theories as to why Putin told Joe Biden at the eleventh hour that he was no longer invited to yesterday’s ceremony? (“The White House is privately furious at the snub.”) According to the Guardian, it’s because Biden is pals with Putin nemesis Mikheil Saakashvili, but that can’t be right. Doesn’t the Kremlin know that we’ve gone out of our way to please them by snubbing Saakashvili? Reset-mania!