Georgia retirement home: Okay, on second thought, go ahead and pray before meals

The inevitable conclusion to this afternoon’s outrage du jour. Hope they enjoy the prayers now, because eventually a 90-year-old atheist with a son for a lawyer is going to land there. And pretty soon after that, grandma, you’ll be eating those prunes grace-free.

What can I say? That’s just how we roll.

You know what’s saddest about this? I bet it really was based on an honest misunderstanding of federal law. So byzantine has the courts’ church-and-state jurisprudence become that you can’t knock a layman for simply wanting to stay away from the whole subject. Federal money + prayer = interminable legal headaches, so why not err on the side of caution and remove one of the variables?

Jones had hoped to meet on Tuesday with the city’s attorney and officials from senior center to settle the controversy. But late Monday, officials from the senior center announced a policy reversal.

“Senior Citizens, Inc. has always prided itself on the services it has been able to provide the seniors of the low country,” it said in a statement. “Part of that service is an adherence to Federal and State regulations that have made funding possible so more seniors can be served.

“Over our years of service, we have been instructed, as recently as two weeks ago, by the state regulatory agency that verbal prayer was not allowed at any senior center. We are so pleased to say that we have been contacted a few minutes ago by the new Director of Aging clarifying the regulation and reversing the position of new verbal prayer.

“As an organization, we feel that spirituality is an important and necessary part of a full life and we are thankful that this interpretation of the regulation makes prayer possible in all of its forms.”

Translation: “Thanks to Fox News, this has already become a national PR nightmare so just keep quiet and let them pray.” Speaking of which, here’s the other outrage du jour as e-mailed to us by roughly half a dozen people. Some dumb teacher got “offended” by a kid’s American flag drawing and the kid’s mother complained and the superintendent got involved annnnd … three minutes on “Fox & Friends.”

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David Strom 8:01 AM on March 27, 2023