Nuance: 31% of Birthers approve of Obama's job performance

Alternate headline: “Birther movement surprisingly bipartisan.” Think that narrative-scrambling detail will be mentioned in coverage of that darned wingnut fringe going forward?

Enjoy this now because it’s straight down the memory hole tomorrow.

They missed an obvious follow-up question. Some of the lefties who think he was born abroad are doubtless ignorant of the natural-born requirement in the Constitution and thus see no political wrinkle in their answer, which is fair enough. I wonder how many of them aren’t ignorant, though, and are willing to look the other way notwithstanding their own belief that he was illegitimately elected. Surely there can’t be many liberals who are that ruthless. Can there?

While you ponder that, enjoy this semi-related clip of Tingles wondering why prominent Republicans won’t denounce kooky theories circulated by, ahem, “that large man on radio.” Click the image to watch.

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