Video: Strangely enough, Gibbs doesn't want to talk about Obama's "teabagger" quote

Via Mediaite. Old and busted: “The time for talk is over.” The new hotness: The time for talk must not begin. What’s interesting about this is that Gibbsy seems fully aware of the term’s connotations, to the point that he’s palpably uncomfortable with the idea of bringing it up with Obama. Which is understandable, but poses a teensy problem for his inevitable excuse that The One didn’t know it was offensive. Everyone knows what it means, including his own press secretary, but not … the hippest president in history? Unlikely.

The only way we’re going to get satisfaction on this is when (or if?) Obama holds another press conference and the White House press corps gets a free shot. I’ve already alerted Tapper that we’re counting on him and politely requested that, if he does raise the issue, he phrase it this way: “Mr. President, what’s up with these ‘baggers?” Video gold, my friends.

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