Gallup: GOP's lead in voter enthusiasm down to 10 points

What happened? I thought we had our boot on their throats!

Granted, everyone expected a GOP enthusiasm surge in late March after the ObamaCare bomb dropped, but an 11-point downturn in less than a month? The media told me that we’re a bunch of crazed, wild-eyed, rage-filled “teabaggers.” Does the crazy wild-eyed rage dissipate so soon? Even worse, the Dems are holding basically steady at their pathetic O-Care high-water mark. If they pass financial reform, cap-and-trade, and amnesty, they could crack 40! What do we do then?

Two serious notes here. One, per Greenroom contributor Karl: How come the “epistemic closure” debate hasn’t gotten around to asking why the left’s predictions about a big post-ObamaCare enthusiasm surge fell so flat? Doesn’t it take a certain amount of intellectual cocooning to convince yourself that your pet policy wish will pay big electoral dividends when the more likely outcome was perfectly predictable? Two: If Democratic enthusiasm stays low in Florida, does that put Rubio in jeopardy? Think about it. If Meek can’t get traction and push himself up into the low 30s with support from the base, the party will pressure him to drop out and endorse Crist in the interest of beating the conservative darling. Which is bad news, since Crist is likely to pull at least 10 percent of centrist Republicans under any scenario. With a unified Democratic Party behind him, he’ll be very tough to beat. Exit question: Second look at Democratic enthusiasm?

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