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“I mean, it’s not like I’m suggesting we stitch some kind of symbol to their clothes or anything. That’s crazy. A simple laminated card. Maybe with some sort of DNA coding. Or an embedded computer chip. GPS. Make it part of a digital national database. You just carry that special ID card at all times — or maybe wear it around your neck on a lanyard so the police can see it — and be prepared to show it to anyone who asks, and everything will be OK. If you forget your card one day, well, a night or two in jail never killed anybody, did it? OK, maybe a couple of people; but until things get straightened out, the risk of some little danger or inconvenience is a small price to pay for our peace of mind. Isn’t it? Wouldn’t a program like this let the rest of us sleep better?

“Because that’s what we’re talking about, isn’t it? Peace of mind? Freedom from fear? And anger? (That they travel so freely among us and take advantage of our privileges and our freedoms is upsetting to every right-thinking American.) So something has to be done, even if it seems wrong at first…

“Which is why we need a fence, too, in addition to the special ID cards. We need to build a very big, very strong fence to keep these people out. Because you know how they are. Not just persistent. Loud. Indefatigable. Ceaseless. A fence high enough and strong enough to keep these people out, no matter how determined they are to get in…

“So until we enforce some of these restrictions on the residents of the state of Arizona, I’m not really going to feel comfortable.”

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