MSNBC analyst: I'm worried that another jihadi attack will empower Obama's tea-party critics

It’s former CIA officer Robert Baer, playing patty-cake with Tingles. Translation via a Twitter pal: “I’m worried that people might try to hold Obama accountable for his policies.” Actually, what Baer’s worried about is people holding The One accountable for things he can’t control. As I said earlier myself, not every attack can be stopped. Not everything is the president’s fault and not every filthbag with designs on killing Americans is motivated primarily (if at all) by American foreign policy. But isn’t it lovely to see the left awakening to these lessons circa 2010? It’s like Krugman hardy-har-ing on his blog the other day about people straining to blame the BP spill on Obama. Thank goodness these high-minded liberals, who never would have used a post-9/11 attack against Bush, are here to guide us past the temptations of demagoguery.

Incidentally, is it okay to wonder why Shahzad was allowed to get on the plane or is that out of bounds too? NBC is reporting that once he was put on the no-fly list, there was no earthly way he shouldn’t have been stopped at the gate. (“If that plane would have gotten into the air, heads would have rolled.”) The White House’s response: Emirates Airlines, the airline operating Shahzad’s flight, didn’t refresh its system yesterday like it’s supposed to do so it never had a copy of the updated no-fly list. My verdict? Bush’s fault. Click the image to watch.

Update: It is Bush’s fault. Run with it, lefties!

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David Strom 6:01 AM on June 06, 2023