Hey, shouldn't Obama skip that odious White House Correspondents Dinner and head to the gulf?

Not my idea, although I wish I could take credit for it. In fact, it comes from far-left Nation editor Katrina Vanden Heuvel by way of Tapper. She’s predicting exactly what’s going to happen, I think: If the spill is as horrifically bad as news stories are making it sound — the environmental equivalent of a Category Five hurricane — then the optics of The One larfing it up with Jay Leno while star-humping journalists look on simply won’t fly. In fact, I’m already hearing grumbles on Twitter about him and Michelle having enjoyed a getaway in North Carolina last weekend, days after the oil rig exploded, even though the magnitude of the disaster didn’t become apparent until the last few days. Get thee to New Orleans, champ. I’m sure Biden will be happy to hobnob with the “Jersey Shore” cast or whatever at the big f***ing deal that is the WHCD.

Or am I being too hard on The One? His attendance at “Nerdprom,” as the people who desperately want to see and be seen but are too ashamed to admit it ironically dub the event, won’t make the oil flow any faster or slower. Shouldn’t we be beyond the dopey photo-op politics that the left demanded of Bush? A galaxy of status-obsessed losers will be in D.C. this weekend hoping to glimpse the president. It’d be a shame to disappoint them. Let’s vote on it!

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