Video: The obligatory "Tim James 'we speak English'" ad

Lefties have been kicking this around for a week purely for the kitsch factor, but Dave Weigel of WaPo’s “Those Darned Wingnuts” beat warns them that they’re creating a monster:

It’s a pattern I’ve gotten very, very used to. A conservative Republican issues a new ad, or some clip from the campaign trail goes viral. Democrats and liberals make fun of it. Meanwhile, the video becomes incredibly popular and the candidate laughs all the way to the polls.

How “incredibly popular” has it become? Check out the view totals for yourself. Not bad for a GOP gubernatorial candidate from Alabama. The “English only” standard would be reason enough for liberals to sneer at it, but it’s the poorly acted Shatneresque three-second pause at the end before the kicker that’s made it viral gold. It’s no quirk, either: Check out the second clip and you’ll see that he’s honed it to a damn-near science. Exit question: Tim James 2012?

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