Video: Apparently "ObamaCare" is a derogatory term now

Yeah, I don’t get it either but Newsweek’s pretty sure that Jon Stewart’s right, so QED. Jim Treacher:

If “Obamacare” is derogatory, who or what is being derogated? Is this “health care reform” being impugned by its association with Obama? Or is Obama being insulted by associating him with it? Presumably Jon Stewart is in favor of both. So where’s the disparagement? Which one is being brought down by the other?

Stewart likens this phrase to using “teabaggers” to describe members of the Tea Party. Is he really comparing Barack Obama, the President of the United States, to the practice of dipping one’s testicles into another person’s mouth?

Frankly, I suspect the only reason the White House doesn’t use the term itself is because it would sound like they’re taking too much of the credit for the bill’s passage. Given The One’s vow that Democrats will campaign on the glories of this galactic boondoggle in November, you would think he’d be simply itching to slap his brand on it. As it is, I think the logic works like this: “ObamaCare” is a term primarily used by conservatives, and conservatives aren’t real fond of The One or his new law, and it’s just not nice of them to feel that way, ergo this is a smear on par with calling an old lady holding a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag at a protest a “teabagger.” Or maybe I’m overthinking this: Maybe it’s just the left waking up to the fact of how unpopular the law is and doing what little it can to remove Obama’s fingerprints from it. You make the call.

Exit question: If Newsweek thinks “ObamaCare” should be verboten, what are we to make of this headline?

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