Hey, who's up for another "Americans oppose legalizing it" poll?

I thought 4/20 might be the day that Sarahcuda scrambled the narrative and shocked the world with the “legalize it!” Facebook message to end all Facebook messages. Alas.

A man can dream, my friends.


That’s from CBS; a new AP poll released today puts the national split at, er, 33/55. Same basic demographic breakdowns as usual, though: The west is the only region that supports legalization, 35s and under are the only age group that supports it, and a heavy majority across the board supports it for medicinal purposes. Looks like this is going to be a war of attrition, with more liberal-minded young’uns replacing the hardline anti-pot 65-and-over group over time, in which case they might as well wait 10 years before taking the next poll. The only thing that’ll move the numbers in the interim is if some prominent righty comes out in favor of legalization to soften the bedrock opposition among conservatives, Republicans, and seniors — which, come to think of it, are the core demographics of the tea party movement. Imagine the political impact if Glenn Beck sparked a bowl on his show tomorrow or Marco Rubio lit up a fattie. Although even with their influence, they don’t have quite the same sort of values cred as Palin does, huh? I think she’s the only one who can make this happen, guys. The movement is in her hands. Content warning.