McCain: I'm not a maverick, I'm a fighter or something

In which TAFKAM tries to convince us that he picked up the “maverick” label by being too darned conservative for George Bush. Is that right? The media slapped the M-word on him because he wanted less spending and more troops in Iraq? I was under the impression that what made him maverick-y was calling Robertson and Falwell “agents of intolerance” and voting against the Bush tax cuts and supporting amnesty and championing campaign finance reform and boosting cap-and-trade and flirting with the idea of running as John Kerry’s VP and, oh, all sorts of things that actually please the media quite a bit. Which, of course, is why they were heartbroken when he tacked right for the presidential campaign. How could the Maverick they knew and loved become … “McBush”?

But no, turns out the maverick-y part was his demand for a surge in Iraq before Bush was ready to pull the trigger. We have learned much this day, my friends. Click the image to watch.


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