New poll: Jewish voters starting to turn on Obama?

Remember, the big question in last week’s poll showing sustained Jewish support for Obama was whether it had been taken too early. That one was conducted from March 2 to March 23, a few days before relations really began to sour. This one was conducted on April 7 and 8. Behold:


Not all of that is attributable to the falling out with Israel, of course — in fact, a bare majority approve of how he’s handling relations with them(!) — but, by comparison, his approval rating among Jews in the previous poll was 57 percent. To be momentarily underwater on a question about reelection within a demographic that broke for him in 2008 by an almost 60-percent margin seems … astonishing. The poll also finds that Jews oppose any attempt by the White House to recognize a Palestinian state within the next two years, 28/52, which makes for a fine gloss on this morning’s NYT story about how Obama may, er, “offer his own proposed parameters for an eventual Palestinian state.”

And yet, and yet, 50 percent approval for his relations with Israel. Exit question: How to square that with the other findings? The conclusion I drew from the last poll was that Jewish Democrats are, after all, Democrats and not single-issue voters, so it shouldn’t be surprising to find them supportive of The One. But now they appear not so supportive. Why? Tired of his Iran sanctions ballet with Russia and China? Tired of spend-and-then-tax-apalooza? All theories welcome.

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