Video: Mike Pence cracks up over Democratic claims of cutting taxes

A Tax Day eve palate cleanser via Breitbart that’s as sweet as it is short. The best part? I don’t think it’s mock laughter. He’s sincerely driven to giggling over how preposterous it is for the Reid/Pelosi Congress to trumpet how they’ve lightened the load of federal liabilities on American taxpayers. I admit it: I LOL’d too.

In related news, Claire McCaskill says she “absolutely” empathizes with tea partiers’ concerns about spending. I’m loath to criticize any prominent Democrat with a kind word to say about those “racist crackers” in the movement, but McCaskill voted for TARP and for the stimulus and for ObamaCare. When she says she’s “as frustrated as members of the Tea Party about earmarking and the way we spend money out here,” exactly what part of the way they spend money does she have a problem with?

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