Inhofe to Tom Coburn: Actually, Pelosi's not a "nice lady"

It’s a sad commentary on our politics that he can’t show civility to a leader of a movement that routinely calls people like you and me teabagging racists.

“There’s nothing nice about Nancy,” Inhofe said during an interview on KFAQ radio in Oklahoma this morning. “She disagrees with everything we believe.”…

“She is nice – how many of you all have met her? She’s a nice person,” Coburn said. “Just because somebody disagrees with you don’t mean they’re not a good person.”

Inhofe had a slightly different take.

“She is a powerful person,” he said. “People wonder how she can keep getting reelected — just go out to her district.”

The boss emeritus calls her an embarrassment to women, but that’s because MM doesn’t appreciate respect for one’s opponents the way the people who call her a “coconut” race traitor do.

I have no Pelosi video to offer you, alas, so here’s one of Barney Frank from Leno last night blaming Newt Gingrich for having introduced hate to politics or something. It was pretty hateful of the GOP to take back the House after 40 years, I’ll grant him that. Oh, and here’s another video from the same show of Frank saying, no thanks, he’d rather not dine with Karl Rove because he doesn’t like him. Civility-mania!

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