Just a reminder: Boycotting the census means fewer Republican House seats

We don’t need this reminder, actually: The Plum Line, a lefty site, crunched the numbers today and discovered that many very conservative districts are turning in their forms at a rate equal to or greater than the national average. But since it never hurts to nudge, here’s Rove’s new PSA following Patrick McHenry’s lead in urging conservatives to do the Madisonian thing and send it in. I honestly can’t understand how this, of all things, became some sort of favored form of civil disobedience among grassroots righties. The feds already know where you live; the annual 1040, which we’re all buried under right now, is a much greater invasion of privacy than the census is. What exactly is the goal here, apart from some kamikaze desire to drive down the number of red districts in Congress?

True story about my own census experience: I filled it out the day that I received it and mailed it back the next morning. Less than a week later, I received a second copy of the census form; just today, more than two weeks after sending it in, I got a postcard reminding me to make sure I fill out my census form. Good work, feds.

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