iPad snuff videos leave blogger a haunted, broken man

A treat for the Apple haters as thanks for enduring three days of my chump fanboy salivating. HQ claims it moved 300,000 units on Saturday but somehow I held out and now the hour of temptation has passed. Yeah, fine, it’s “the best media-consumption device ever made,” and no doubt it’s super keen for passing time while you’re on the can, but no matter how many times I try to talk myself into it, I always come back to Frum’s point: “I can’t see why I need it: an iPhone that cannot make calls, a laptop on which it is inconvenient to type.” (Actually, it can make calls, Sort of.) The device may be a superb interface for reading — books, webpages, and everything in between — but if you already have an iPhone and don’t have much time for leisurely reading, how do you justify the expense? Especially with news of the next generation of iPhones set to break in just three days? (Too good to check: iPhone HD!)

As expected, now that the euphoria of launch day has passed, the Monday morning hangover brings with it a bunch of pieces skeptical of the iPad’s utility. Enjoy Live Science’s list of 13 glaring shortcomings, the Daily Caller’s rundown of why this is not, in fact, a laptop killer, and Engadget’s critique of how surprisingly expensive the apps are. Exit quotation from new iPad owner Ann Althouse: “It’s a medium size, medium weight device that has some use, but it’s a distant third in usefulness after the laptop and the iPhone.”