Pew poll: America still not ready to legalize it

We are ready to legalize medical marijuana — very ready, in fact, to the tune of 73 percent — but there’s no budging on recreational use. When Gallup polled that question six months ago, they got a 44/54 split. Pew’s split? 41/52, which is roughly 10 points better than it was just five years ago, but still.

There’s narrow, near-majority support among both Democrats and independents for legalization. But oh, that Republican anchor…


The most surprising number? Just 42 percent support among the 30-49 demographic compared to almost the same number among those aged 50 to 64. You would think that the numbers would scale down proportionally as you move up in age class, but Baby Boomers evidently retain fond, fond memories of the 60s.

Follow the link up top and then scroll down for an amazing graph on how party preferences have changed over time. As recently as 1990, Dems, indies, and GOPers had comparable numbers in favor of legalization — 18, 17, and 11 percent, respectively. Democratic and independent support then jumped, probably as a result of realizing that even a guy who, ahem, didn’t inhale could do well enough in life to get himself elected president. Republican support nosed up a bit too but then fell off and has struggled upwards ever since while Democratic and indie numbers skyrocketed, reaching new highs this year. What happened?

Update: From the comments:

Um, Allah? I think you misread the numbers? America IS ready to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. By the same amount that it was ready to have ObamaCare become a law.

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