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“Liberals will argue that government today is doing good. But government now is also unprecedentedly large and unprecedentedly expensive. Even if every challenge to ObamaCare loses in court, these anxieties will last and keep coming back to the same question: Does the Democratic left think the national government’s powers are infinite?

“No one in the Obama White House, asked that in public on Sunday morning, would simply say yes, no matter that the evidence of this government’s actions the past year indicate they do. In his ‘Today Show’ interview this week, Mr. Obama with his characteristic empathy acknowledged there are ‘folks who have legitimate concerns . . . that the federal government may be taking on too much.’

“My reading of the American public is that they have moved past ‘concerns.’ Somewhere inside the programmatic details of ObamaCare and the methods that the president, Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Reid used to pass it, something went terribly wrong.”

“‘It’s a simple proposition to us: Everyone is entitled to adequate medical health care,’ Biden says. ‘If you call that a ‘redistribution of income’ — well, so be it. I don’t call it that. I call it just being fair — giving the middle class taxpayers an even break that the wealthy have been getting.'”


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