Video: Reid supporters egg tea-party buses in Nevada

Via the Founding Bloggers, yeah, it happened — along with a threat leveled directly at Andrew Breitbart, as you’ll see — and no, it’s not a reflection on all liberals. Just a reminder, on a day when federal charges were filed against a guy for vowing to kill Eric Cantor, that right-wingers have to deal with cranks too. But then, unlike Robert Gibbs, those of us who weren’t in a coma during the Bush years already knew that.

Two clips below, one of the egging and the other via Ryan Dixon of Breitbart amusingly trying to explain to a local cop who is and what he’s doing mingling with a hostile crowd. (Cue the “he was asking for it!” cries.) Meanwhile, Salon editor Joan Walsh is very off-put indeed by the conservatives crowing at her today about the threat to Cantor. Never mind that demagoging alleged tea-party violence for political advantage long ago became a bona fide subgenre of hack left-wing punditry, with Frank Rich proving once again yesterday that he remains the undisputed master of the totalitarian art. Longtime HA readers can guess which link I’m about to crown this post with, and I won’t disappoint them. Go ye and read (again).

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John Sexton 10:00 PM on June 02, 2023