Live video: Palin to speak at tea party rally in Reid's hometown; Update: Speech video added

She’s set to go on as I post this; in case the cable nets aren’t carrying it, you’ll find a live feed below. It’s worth watching if only because this is likely the closest we’ll get to a tea party Burning Man*. No wonder Ace made the trek to Searchlight today!

For the occasion, WaPo decided to take the country’s temperature with a new poll on Sarahcuda and the tea partiers. The latter fare okay; Palin herself, not so much.

* Note to lefty media: Burning Man analogy is not, repeat not, a “dog whistle” for arson. Whew!

Update: Palin’s finished speaking but Breitbart, Hannah Giles, and, er, Joe the Plumber are still to come. Here’s the schedule.

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Update: If you missed it earlier, you’re in luck. The Right Scoop’s Tivo is always rolling…

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023