Almost over: Reconciliation passes Senate, 56-43

Someday after he’s retired, Harry Reid will look back on this as his finest moment. And by “someday after he’s retired,” I of course mean “next January.” Hoyer’s promising a new House vote this afternoon to approve the Senate fix as amended by the GOP’s procedural challenges, so come this evening, our long national nightmare of passing ObamaCare will finally be over. I don’t know what we’ll do for content on this site anymore — although I suppose we could cover the much longer, graver national nightmare of having to live with ObamaCare. The blog horn o’ plenty has never been fuller, my friends.

Democrats voting no in a desperate, likely futile bid to save their own asses politically: Mark Pryor, Blanche Lincoln, and Ben Nelson. Here’s the clip of history’s greatest vice president making things official. Exit question: Why didn’t Reid sneak in the public option at the last minute? Surely he could have gotten 50 for that, and we know only too well now that centrist Dems in the House will cave on whatever Pelosi wants. Damn her wily feminine “psychology of consensus”!

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