Thought of the day: "If you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing"

A tasty goodie via the boss emeritus. The speaker is Democrat Tom Perriello — still undecided on O-Care, by the way — but the message is most assuredly bipartisan. How this guy plans to justify a vote for universal health care after starkly admitting that Congress won’t balance its budgets absent some law forcing it to do so, I have no idea. But that’ll be a fun subplot to watch on the day of tears this weekend.

What this guy’s actually copping to is nothing less than the collapse of representative government. They could take up entitlement reform, but preserving the long-term economic viability of the United States simply isn’t enough incentive. Nothing short of a public initiative demanding that they behave in a responsible manner will get them to act responsibly. Once you’re at that point, you might as well have direct democracy. Which isn’t a real swift idea either.

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