Oh boy: Kucinich will announce O-Care vote at press conference tomorrow; Update: Voting yes?

Yes, it’s important, and no, I can’t believe I’m saying that either. But look: I honestly think this was destiny. After nine months of the ObamaCare freak show, somehow it had to come down to a far-left UFO aficionado.

This is what fate wants, my friends. America — in the hands of Dennis Kucinich.

Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a politician with a well-documented flare [sic] for the dramatic, will hold a press conference tomorrow to announce how he plans to vote on the controversial health-care bill before Congress…

Last weekend, Kucinich was a firm “no,” saying the health-insurance package seemed to favor insurance companies over ordinary Americans. Kucinich wants single-payer, universal coverage. He has pushed for it for years.

But it’s safe to say he’s not going to win that one this week. And yesterday, after the Cleveland Democrat joined Obama on Air Force One as the president flew to Northeast Ohio to continue lobbying for passage, Kucinich’s position may have softened. Or may not have. His office says he has made no statements, but political junkies are making bets as if this is the Final Four.

C’mon. A day after The One brought him to Ohio and saluted him from the podium, Kucinich is going to call a presser to kick him in the nuts? Obviously he’s flipping to yes. The question is whether this is being coordinated with the White House to create momentum among holdouts and whether anything Kooky says is capable of creating momentum. It’s not like he’s some bellwether for Blue Dog sentiment; he’s a single-payer advocate who needs to be convinced that the best way there is incrementally, with this as the first step. Why a Kucinich flip would sway, say, Jason Altmire is unclear to me, but momentum is momentum, I guess.

Update: Toldja.