Obama splits Nobel Peace Prize money among 10 charities

For a guy used to doling out trillions, this must have seemed like pocket change. Seriously, though, I have nothing but sympathy for him here. The Nobel itself was nothing but a political headache, underscoring his lack of accomplishments and turning up the pressure from the left to get out of Afghanistan. Donating the money was a headache on top of a headache: What do you do as president with a sum that large, knowing that no matter what you do, some interest group somewhere is going to feel snubbed?

He did a fine job, with worthy causes all. At first glance I was surprised to see nothing for veterans, but that was my mistake: I didn’t know the name Fisher House, which ended up receiving the single largest share of the money. The rest of it was split between relief funds and scholarships, which probably has some charities devoted to medical research grumbling, but oh well. In any event, I’m sure the hardest of hardcore O critics will find something here to dislike, so have at it. Speculation-inducing exit question: Which two on the list has the big A donated to in the past?