Glenn Beck: Sorry for wasting your time with Massa, America

A complete debacle, and completely riveting. If you missed it, make time for Mediaite’s two highlight reels below. Glynnis MacNicol is spot on:

I think the short version is that the Massa that showed up at Glenn Beck’s desk is definitely not the Massa that was on the other end of Beck’s telephone yesterday. Something that began to be clear to Beck around the 20 minute mark, after Massa refused to get into specific about the corruption of the Dems generally, and Rahm Emanuel specifically. At about the 25 minute mark Glenn Beck starts getting mad. If you ever wondered what Glenn Beck looks like when he realized he’s been had that’s a good place to start.

Precisely. The big sell in having Massa on was that he was, supposedly, about to roll over on Pelosi, Hoyer, etc, for backroom dealings. Instead, this:

Beck finally says, “I don’t want to be a defender of the White House… is there anything SPECIFIC that you have?” Massa still can’t point to any specific examples of Democratic leadership arm-twisting or bullying. Massa finally tries to blame the House Whip for pressuring him to change his vote and likens it to bribery: “I don’t know how to be specific… Its called Whipping!”

Massa can’t seem to come up with any better examples.

Follow the Mediaite link and watch the “bullcrap” clip embedded there. When pressed on corruption, all he could do was blow smoke about how super-keen he thinks the tea party is, etc. In fact, not only didn’t he dish new dirt, he cleaned up some of the dirt he’d already dished: In the first clip below, he dismisses the suggestion that the Dems had forced him out unfairly for his behavior. “I forced myself out,” he says — i.e., he deserved to go. Good work, Massa.

Don’t miss him showing off his “crossing the line” scrapbook. A golden television moment, my friends. Exit question: What exactly was Massa’s goal here? He evidently BS-ed Beck with tall tales of corruption in order to land on the show … but to what end? So that he could mumble about “tickle fights” and pander transparently to Beck about his pet issues? At the very least, you’d expect him to claim he’s being railroaded and didn’t deserve to be pushed out, but he’s not even saying that. What’s the frequency, Kenneth?