Glenn Beck on Massa: "This is a moment that will decide the course of this nation, possibly"

From the opening of today’s show, a teaser of tomorrow’s blockbuster. I tipped my cap to him earlier for his political savvy in using Massa as a symbol for Democratic ruthlessness, but he sure does seem eager to believe this guy’s account of what he did wrong and how the leadership has supposedly mishandled it. Which, as the boss emeritus takes great pains to demonstrate, is an exceedingly bad idea:

He’s a sick, desperate pol looking to save his hide and distract from his smelly ethics problems and personal problems. This is not a hero, not a bona fide champion of reform and integrity in government. He’s the jerk who gave the figurative middle finger to his own constituents as he proclaimed last year that he would ram single-payer down their throats no matter what they thought…

And now, tainted by scandal, he’s running to Fox News to cast himself as a warrior against Obamcare and its left-wing overlords?

A radical backer of the Big Labor card check bill, he’s now trashing union corruption.


Follow the link for examples galore. Beck knows all this, I take it, and has decided to play hardball with the left by giving Massa a forum anyway. Nothing wrong with that; it’s fine Chicago turnabout. But the more credibility he stakes on Massa’s “salty language” nonsense, the greater the risk that this backfires if the Dems produce a smoking gun proving that Massa was guilty of more than that. Just bring him on, prod him about backroom deals and political pressure, and keep away from the ethics stuff. That way, if he gets hit with something later, it’ll look like some minor attempt to distract from the real issue rather than a bullseye that discredits his entire testimony. Exit question: Is this a bad idea or not?