Dem congressman: We may have as little as 201 votes for ObamaCare

Big news, especially now that it looks like Reid has 50 for reconciliation. I’m not sure where he’s getting this number, actually. It may be that he’s simply basing it on Stupak’s claim about having 15 Democrats ready to vote no over abortion, but whatever the actual total, Cleaver sounds pretty sure that they’re short of 216 at this point.

Today’s head count? Ed already mentioned Dan Lipinski’s no vote. Kathy Dahlkemper, who was rumored to be part of Stupak’s coalition of no, now confirms that she is. Suzanne Kosmas, a Florida Dem, hasn’t committed yet either way but Geraghty makes the case that she’ll have no choice but to stick with no. Another fencesitter, John Adler of New Jersey, told ABC yesterday that he’ll have to vote no again too unless the House and Senate can work something out on cost containment. (A down note: In the same segment, Jason Altmire made it sound like he might tilt to yes.) Artur Davis was always planning to vote no given his run for governor in Alabama, but he confirmed today that he’ll take a break from campaigning to come back to D.C. and cast his nay. And then there’s this:

President Obama made an in-person push for health care reform in the Philadelphia suburb of Glenside today, but Hotline OnCall’s Reid Wilson notes that some vulnerable Democrats from Pennsylvania were not in attendance for his speech.

Democratic Reps. Patrick Murphy, Chris Carney, and Tim Holden did not attend the event. Meanwhile, Senate primary combatants Arlen Specter and Rep. Joe Sestak were there.

If red-district Dems are too afraid to have their picture taken with him, I don’t know where they’ll find the balls to vote for his bill. Anyway, here’s Cleaver; click the image to listen. Exit question: Did Scott Brown inadvertently make it easier to pass ObamaCare? I’m going to say no, but different media outlets deal with their grief over Massachusetts in different ways.

Update: Another admission. We don’t have the votes yet, says Anthony Weiner.