Tom Hanks: Our wise, calm president is doing a spectacular job

The best bits come right at the beginning and at around six minutes in. Don’t be too hard on him, though: No one responsible for “Band of Brothers” can be all wrong, and needless to say, if he was hard left he’d be calling The One some sort of insurance-industry sellout at this point rather than clapping him on the back. Even so, pay attention at around 3:45 to his nostalgia for an age when the president could walk into Congress, declare something a national priority, and expect both parties to hammer out an effectuating compromise. Does that mean Hanks was for social security reform when Bush pursued it in 2005? We’ll check back with him about the glories of presidential leadership circa 2013, I guess.

Here’s the latest take on unemployment from our wise, calm White House, by the way. Spectacular.

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