Video: Hey, remember when Pelosi wanted "ethically unfit" leaders to be dumped?

A video complement to the call for Rangel’s gavel over the weekend by the NYT(!). I searched in vain for the clip of the full 2004 presser, if only to let us revel more fully in the glory of her hypocrisy, so this snippet from Fox will have to do. Choice quotes from CNN’s story at the time:

Hoyer said DeLay’s “defiant and deliberately misleading statements last night show nothing but contempt for the ethics process and the high ethical standards that the American people want their political leaders to observe.”

“Tom DeLay has allowed power to corrupt him,” said Rep. Henry Waxman, the ranking member of the Government Reform Committee. “I think the Republicans can do a better job in finding a leader who will reach out and allow us to do our jobs in a nonpartisan, bipartisan, fair manner.”

“Their greed will be their downfall,” Pelosi said. “Anyone who has a critical eye about what is appropriate behavior will know that there is abuse of power here, there is behavior that borders on corruption.”

Follow the link and you’ll find similarly choice quotes from Republicans Eric Cantor and Ray LaHood (now Obama’s transportation secretary) dismissing the griping about DeLay, thus reminding us that there’s nothing as mindlessly partisan on the Hill as an ethics investigation. Oh well. The GOP’s taking full advantage this time, but given the racial politics of Rangel’s ouster, there’s really only one man who can give Pelosi the cover she needs to make a move on Rangel. You know what you have to do, champ.

Exit question: Which hardboiled Fox News conservative said this about the Rangel snafu? “Here’s hoping the voters remember some of this crap when the midterm elections roll around later this year.” Hmmmm.

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