Larry Summers: If the next job numbers reek, blame the snow

Good stuff via HuffPo, and doubtless a prelude to being told three months from now that lower-than-expected numbers over the summer are due to people staying home to avoid the heat. There will be a global warming tie-in here eventually, assuming there isn’t one already.

A hypothetical for you. Assume that Summers sincerely believes this. Is this nonetheless a case where it’d be smarter politically not to mention it? Remember, their credibility among the public on the stimulus is utterly shot. The only reason this clip is getting play tonight on blogs, in fact, is because it sounds so laughably lame. All that being true, what does he gain by tossing it out there? Better to take your lumps on Friday if the numbers are low, vow that the new jobs bill will help, and cut your losses.