Video: NY governor sadly abandons race he never, ever would have won anyway

I’m actually depressed at the realization that this is the “big news” of the day. It’s been a foregone conclusion since that Times story on Wednesday night about his top aide’s alleged penchant for punching out women; the only question since then was how many other aides would resign over the sheer scumminess of the cover-up allegations against him. (One so far!) But watch it anyway, for two reasons. First, the line uttered at around 4:00 — “I am looking forward to a full investigation of actions taken by myself” — is destined for political immortality. And second, you should have a reference point for the inevitable SNL parody involving Fred Armisen wandering around the podium and knocking things over.

To the extent this removes a guy from the race who could have blooded Andrew Cuomo’s nose a bit in the primary, it’s bad news, I guess. But let’s face it: With Giuliani not running, we’re not taking this seat.

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