Valerie Jarrett: Maybe we should try talking to tea partiers in simpler terms

In fairness, although the questioner asks specifically about TPers, she seems to think that talking to everyone in simpler terms would be a good idea. Which is a standard lefty dodge. Just as Obama’s supposedly going down the tubes because he hasn’t been aggressive enough in building Great Society II, the ObamaCare meltdown is due not to public antipathy to the bill on the merits but to the failure of our American Pericles to properly explain it the first 8,000 times he talked about it on camera. It’s a teachable moment — everything is — and he simply hasn’t taught yet. No worries, though. He’ll get it through our thick heads one of these days.

As for her point about tea partiers preying on people’s economic anxiety in their own “extreme” way, compare and contrast with what she said about Palin’s mild “hopey changey” joke on Obama supporters a few weeks ago as being not “constructive.” Enjoy a few minutes of constructiveness.