CPAC straw poll: Just one percent list stopping gay marriage as a top priority

A nugget mined from the PDF of the full results. This does jibe with the gay-friendly-ish vibe to this year’s proceedings, but how seriously should we take a poll that was won by, um, Ron Paul and whose results were not only booed by the crowd but belittled by CPAC spokesmen who touted the booing to the media?


That’s a big menu and the winner was a fait accompli thanks to The One’s agenda and tea-party fee-vah, but still. Only 16 percent had abortion, gay marriage, or “promoting traditional values” as either of their top two priorities? Granted, students comprised 48 percent of the sample — how else could Paul have won? — but that might be less significant as evidence that the poll’s an outlier than as evidence that it may not be such an outlier a few years from now. (More than half the votes cast in the poll were by those 25 years old or younger.)

This is weird too:


Again, with conservatives tilting libertarian and Beck the keynote speaker, the winner was inevitable, but note how they phrased the foreign-policy option. Secure America’s safety … “regardless of the cost or the size of government”? I’m surprised they got even seven percent for that proposition. Why no similarly scary caveat on the individual freedom option, e.g., “regardless of whether reducing unemployment benefits will leave millions of people to starve“? Who wrote these questions, Lew Rockwell?

Exit question: 53 percent say they wish the GOP had a better field of presidential candidates. Is that an outlier produced by the Paulnut contingent too, or genuine proof that there’s room for a dark horse?

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