Scott Brown's daughter to Obama: Let's go two on two in hoops -- for Haiti

It’s on. Maybe.

Brown aides tell POLITICO that the proposal is still in the “idea” stage and that a potential basketball charity game is still a concept that could be presented in a proposal. Aides say they haven’t formally approached the White House yet.

Skip ahead to 1:14 of the clip for Ayla Brown’s challenge. Ace thinks Obama’s too invested in his messianism to risk defeat on the court, but come on. It’d be good for his poll numbers, and these days he can use all the help in that regard that he can get. What’s the worst that can happen? Ayla skies over him and knocks him down on her way to a ferocious two-handed jam?

Actually, that would be rather inglorious for the savior of mankind, wouldn’t it? Nobody dunks on the true Chosen One, after all. Nobody dunks on Jesus.

Exit question: Wouldn’t Scotty B have more at stake in a game like this than The One? At the end of the day, Obama’s still president if he loses. But if Brown loses, he goes from grassroots darling to dirty, dirty RINO in a heartbeat. Ah well. Once he hits the trail for McCain, he’ll end up there anyway.

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