Video: Obama salutes Navy "corpse-man"

A ticky-tack mistake, but then so was Bush’s pronunciation of “nuclear” and the left had fun with that. As always with this sort of gaffe, it resonates to the extent that it appears to confirm a suspicion about the person that uttered it. Bush was supposedly a dummy, ergo “nu-cu-lar” caught on; Martha Coakley was out of touch with voters, ergo the Curt Schilling thing had legs; The One is a dovish Ivory Tower egghead with no military background, ergo we’ve gotten half a dozen e-mails about this in the past few hours. Look on the bright side, though: At least he’s trying.

I can’t believe that a guy with a Harvard Law degree wouldn’t know how to pronounce “corps,” so I’m guessing some dumb staffer in charge of TOTUS decided to try to “help him out” by typing the phonetic pronunciation — incorrectly — into the machine. And in true Ron Burgundy fashion, O read it as is right off the ‘prompter. You stay classy, Navy corpse-men! Click the image to watch.


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