Video: The freaky deaky Carly Fiorina "sheep" attack ad

You want to put a guy in a sheep costume with red robot eyes and have him crawl around a pasture for awhile? Sure, I’ll link it.

I get the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” metaphor, but Time’s right that there’s quite a bit of mockery of fiscal conservatives at the beginning too. Which is … odd in this political climate, even in California. Everyone likes to believe they’re fiscally conservative just as everyone likes to believe they have a sense of humor, whether it’s true or not. Is goofing on that the way to go, especially in a state that’s now extremely budget-conscious? Or is the point simply that there are no true “pure” fiscal conservatives? In which case, why am I supposed to much care about Tom Campbell’s own deviations from purity?

Geraghty thinks it’s genius, but I came away from it wondering more what Fiorina was thinking than what Campbell was thinking. Not good.

Update: Like I said, everyone — and I do mean everyone — thinks they’re fiscally conservative.

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