Confirmed: Obama to call for repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" tonight

As I said on Monday when I wrote about this, the politics of it are a no-brainer. And getting to be more so every day: If you believe Michael Barone, the Dems are now staring not at a 1994 wave but possibly a 1974 wave, when congressional Republicans were obliterated by the deep blue tide that washed in after Watergate. If they don’t repeal this soon, they may not have the votes to try again for a long time.

Even if you disagree with rescinding the policy, take comfort in knowing that the roll call in the House and Senate will be pure fun to watch. I’m sure they’ll have some bipartisan support for doing it; the question is how much — and how many skittish Blue Dog “no” votes will have to be replaced. Exit question one: Is The One going to demand any deadline for doing this or will it be another of his “no, really, soon” promises? Exit question two: John Shalikashvili already weighed in on Obama’s side earlier today. Can Colin Powell be far behind?

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