Obama: I will continue to fight for you by trying to pass a bill you despise

Tragicomedy from today’s “permanent campaign” stop in Ohio: “This is not about me!” saith The One, before launching into the salute to his own political fortitude that you’re about to see. Which, in fairness, is all he has left. No one likes the bill, it’s killing him with independents, but he’s invested too much political capital in it to end up with absolutely nothing. So he’ll end up with a hugely pared-down bill, a.k.a. almost absolutely nothing, and then tout it as some grand accomplishment that he’ll build on later even though everyone knows that he won’t. Remember, the goal, practically from day one, was simply to pass something, and that’s exactly what they’re going to get. “Something.”

Opposition to O-Care is back up to 58 percent in today’s Rasmussen tracker, incidentally, which ties the mark for the highest disapproval rating yet. Stay tuned for the numbers next week after the Dems launch their bold new plan to nuke Scott Brown’s vote by going with reconciliation. Click the image to watch.