Video: Obama, Bush, Clinton unite for Haiti

A bittersweet moment, as Dubya gets a chance to erase the Bushitler caricature under the very worst of circumstances. Skip ahead to 5:25 to hear him speak. I’m intrigued that The One asked him to help lead the initiative instead of Clinton’s usual partner, Bush 41. Is the latter too old now for projects like this? Is Obama simply following Bush’s own protocol by asking the last Democratic and Republican presidents to collaborate? Or is this aimed at turning down the heat that The One’s taken for his all-purpose Bush-blaming? Whatever the answer, the public rehabilitation continues tomorrow: Bush and Clinton will hit five different Sunday morning chat shows to push the new Haiti relief fund. Here’s the webpage.

A question for the comments: Do you guys prefer any particular charities to others? I went with Doctors Without Borders because of the medical crisis and the Salvation Army because I’m told they have a strong presence in Haiti, but I wonder if there are even better options.

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